Focus on Mindset

Amid the turmoil that we are experiencing it is still possible to remain calm and positive. We are being bombarded with negativity about the global pandemic but how we respond is within our control. There is tragedy on an epic scale and we need to acknowledge and accept these circumstances, taking action that is within our control to reduce our risk.

Now is an excellent time to take stock of our own reactions and responses, assess our emotional state and decide how we can minimize the impact of this disaster. Let’s look at our mindset.

Our mindset determines our own individual set of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, perceptions, responses and behaviours. A fixed mindset person is one that is “very set in their ways” only ever seeing one side of an issue. A growth mindset person is one that acknowledges there are different options and opinions, and seeks to find suitable solutions.

In our current environment it is very easy to be caught up in the constant media reports on COVID-19, it is literally running 24/7 on the news. Being drawn into this vortex breeds fear and anxiety, and a dependency on knowing the latest data. Allowing yourself to be consumed in this way is very bad for your health.

Whilst we need to stay informed, it is possible to limit your access and place restrictions on your own consumption of media, keeping it under control. Now is the perfect time to monitor our digital usage, focusing on positive sources of information. Seek out resources that are uplifting and provide positive factual messages.

Our mindset will determine our reactions, emotions and responses to external stimulus. We can react with fear and anxiety or we can acknowledge the information and remain calm. What we must consider is that we can only control our immediate environment, thoughts and behaviours.

We need to manage this crisis and maintain good health. It will come to a conclusion, we just don’t have a definitive time at this point. We need to learn to be patient. We live in a world where we have come to expect instant answers for everything, information is at our fingertips. But in a time where we are breaking new ground with a global medical crisis we have no immediate answers. We need to trust that our medical and scientific experts will solve this puzzle, but we must await that outcome.

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So in order to manage our situation we need to focus on two key points, remain calm and be patient. I know you are thinking that’s easier said than done. Think differently, push away the negativity and change your reactions. It takes practice but it is possible. Every time you have a negative thought pattern, acknowledge it, then change it. Your brain is a powerful tool that you can learn to master, like everything it takes practice. Now is a great time to practice.