Kids Need To Play

Humans are designed to move and it’s starts before we are even born into this world. Those first flutters that a woman feels when she is pregnant confirm the very existence of that growing baby.

From birth our growth and development are closely linked to movement milestones that help track the progress of our bodies, brains, senses and emotions. Movement also provides a very effective way to soothe a distressed baby, gentle rocking motion is very calming and therapeutic.

Fast forward to when a child learns to crawl, the sheer satisfaction of being able to explore their world is another key milestone. Then they progress to walking and a whole new world of experiences opens up to them!


Early childhood development is a crucial time in our lives as parents. Understandably we want what is best for our kids. But we can often be confused by the myriad of information that is available, some of which is based on opinion rather than facts. One thing that we can focus on is giving our kids the opportunity to develop healthy activity and food habits from a very young age.

In those early years the circle of influence for children centres on the home, family and friends. Encouraging children to be active every day is an important habit to develop. Even in the chilly winter months kids will happily head outdoors, all rugged up, for a play in the park.

So it’s up to us parents to encourage and embrace this concept. There are so many options to keep kids warm, puffer jackets, beanies, gloves, mittens and the wonderous footwear of gumboots! These are not just practical options but also highly fashionable.

Parents play a key role in establishing and facilitating these patterns because children will always learn by observation. An active parent is more likely to have an active child. This is also important in the development of nutritional patterns. Kids need to be exposed to a wide variety of healthy foods.

Getting kids involved in sport is also a great way to facilitate their physical, emotional and social development. Kids can learn a great deal from playing sports, particularly skill development through practice, cooperation and winning and losing with dignity.


Concerned about gait, posture?

Children all develop at different rates. Growth spurts can make active kids, gangly and awkward. I can help with children regaining confidence and working with their bodies to achieve better health and wellbeing.