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I recently made a comment in an article discussing how different school sports aid in youths brain development.

Active Kids are Healthy Kids

Family fun activities for kids should be a priority for all parents. Health data indicates that only 1 in 4 Australian children are meeting the recommended activity levels for their age groups.

As parents we can ensure that we are doing the best for our kids by establishing healthy habits for life.

Learning to run, jump, skip, hop, throw and catch are all crucial elements that kids should learn from an early age. Physical literacy develops confidence and coordination.

Give your child the gift of health by encouraging active play from the very beginning.

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Elite Junior Performance

Information on all aspects of training, nutrition, athlete wellbeing, recovery and sports medicine for teenage athletes wanting to maximise their potential.

  • Top 5/10 performance nutrition tips
  • Dealing with defeat.
  • Growth is individual – don’t rush it.
  • Where to get the right advice
  • Managing the injured athlete
  • Sport / life balance for teenagers
  • The top 5 issues with early sport specialization
  • Strength training facts
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Running Is Life

Do you love to run?

Are you a runner that would like to improve their skills?

Have you always wanted to be a runner but not known where to start?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then you have come to the right place.

I have been a committed runner my entire life and also coach others to be their best. So if you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just starting out together we can take your skills to a whole new level.



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If you need:

  • Technique evaluation/modification.
  • Comprehensive season planning and guidance.
  • Recreational run programs.
  • Race specific run programs. (distances 5km to ultra marathon)
  • Information on all things related to running, eg. Training, race planning, equipment, footwear and general nutrition advice*. (for performance nutrition you will be referred to our Sports Dietician)


About J.K.


  • Over 25 Years in Health and Fitness
  • High Performance Expert
  • Elite Junior Coach
  • IAAF Level 4 Coach
  • Ultra Marathon Runner
  • Founder of the "Ultimate Treadmill Challenge" Charity Event
  • Successful Business Owner
  • Cancer Survivor

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