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Jane Kilkenny

Jane has been working in health and fitness for over 25 years and is passionately committed to doing everything she can to support others on their health and fitness journey.  She has a life long obsession with education and growing her knowledge, recently completing her Masters in High Performance Sport.

She has been a pioneer in the area of exercise for children and teenagers commencing her specialised training in this field back in 2003.  Kids are not mini adults, and it’s crucial that parents place their trust in health professionals with “real” expertise in this field. We need to encourage more children to get involved in sports and facilitate the flow of information to ensure their safety and long-term commitment to health.

“Running is crucial for me, it’s an integral part of who I am!”  Jane is happy to admit she has an obsession with running.  Running is about freedom, relaxation and health.  Her eyes light up when anyone mentions the word and she loves to coach others and grow the running tribe.


Jane loves a challenge! Starting her own fitness company back in 2000 when her kids were aged 5 and 2 presented a few interesting challenges. Creating the “Ultimate Treadmill Challenge” back in 2007 was driven by her obsession with running and a dream to use her fitness to help others.  Now after 9 events she has raised over $350,000 for several charities, with each event bigger than the last.  Watch our for number 10, it will be huge!  Running a successful business, raising a family and competing in endurance events certainly maintains a busy schedule.

We can never take our health for granted.  Jane faced her toughest challenge yet when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.  With her no nonsense attitude she tackled this head on with a decision to have a double mastectomy.  Whilst some might see this as an aggressive option it was the right decision.  When you get that dreaded cancer diagnosis your world changes forever.  No one can truly understand the turmoil in your mind, the questions, the doubts.


To sum up .....

Jane is tough, both mentally and physically.  She has always been fiercely determined to achieve her goals and her cancer battle was no different. Her philosophy is always make an informed decision, get the facts, then choose your path.  Success comes from commitment and hard work.