Dealing With Despair

When the universe throws you a curve ball you have two choices.

How we react determines the level of impact that we endure in these situations.

In the current environment, everyone is feeling unsure. It’s like we are living in an altered reality. The fear surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak is creating serious anxiety across the world.

Our reactions determine our stress levels. From a personal perspective, I have been dealt a crushing blow by this crisis. My dream of running the Antarctica Marathon was destroyed when the race organisers were forced to cancel the event just days before my departure. At the beginning of March, I was still focused on achieving my goals. It was a time of stress, living on a daily roller coaster of not knowing what would eventuate. I was desperate to go on my trip but in a time of international turmoil and increasing restrictions, I didn’t know what would happen. It was actually a sense of relief when the decision was made for me.

Regardless of the circumstances that you are currently forced to endure you can control the impact you sustain. My focus has remained on two key factors, mindset, and patience.

I have maintained a mindset that is focused on calmness. Despite having thoughts of pure rage, frustration, anger, and sadness I have been able to push these thoughts back and focus on the big picture. This has saved my sanity. It would be so easy to allow myself to react to these thoughts and be angry and upset. But I have chosen to remain calm.

My other key focus is patience. I am confident I will get to run in Antarctica, I am fully committed to this. However, I need to be patient and wait for next year’s event. Patience has never been my strong suit. When I set my mind to something I go all out to achieve it. But when you maintain a healthy mindset, you can improve your reactions and learn to be patient.

Calm and patient. These two words can change your reality for the better. Look at your reactions, are you calm and patient or angry and frustrated? The latter will leave you in a negative mindset and exacerbate anxiety.

Things are changing daily. Distress and anxiety will prevail if we let it. Choose your reality by choosing your reactions. Calm and patient will not stop Coronavirus but it will determine how you are impacted by this. Step back from constant media reports, social media, and crowded spaces.

Allow yourself to focus on the important things. Family and friends, keep your social circle small and remain calm. Support others where you can and trust that life will eventually return to a state of balance.