Why I Coach

Coaching for me is about inspiring others to be better and providing support and guidance to boost confidence. It doesn’t matter when you start. When you learn the right technique and have the right guidance you can learn to love running and truly enjoy its benefits

I am a self-confessed running addict! I have run my whole life and I love to share my passion and knowledge with others. I am also a life-long learner and continue to study to improve my skills.
One of the best things about running is the freedom and independence it provides. It’s about personal achievement and success. Having expert guidance only enhances that experience and helps to make you a better runner and challenge yourself

Runners are a strange bunch but we are a special kind of tribe! Often mis-understood by the rest of humanity it’s only when you decide to join us that you fully understand the buzz. Coaching elite athletes is challenging and rewarding. But teaching kids how to run properly to enable them to play sport provides equal challenge and reward

It’s not always about winning and medals. But if you choose that path then I will demand the best from you to achieve your goals.
Learning to run well is a catalyst for health. When you can run efficiently it becomes a far more enjoyable experience and you can choose your own path. Let’s get started!