Summer Family Fun

Summer holidays are here and it’s the perfect time to explore some new activities with family and friends. Life is busy and we all get so caught up with our schedules that we forget to take a breath and relax. Stress is exhausting for parents and kids, so in these holidays change things up by making time for fun and active relaxation.

You can change your habits if you make the commitment.

Parents have busy work schedules and the school year is packed with extra time demands, making life busy and stressful for the whole family. So the holidays provide the ideal time to reset, relax and just enjoy some family fun.

Small changes can have big results.

Add some extra activities to your holidays and you can set up some positive health changes that you will continue into the new year. Simply adding a daily walk will help you relax, burn some calories and improve your fitness. Why not try a family hike and head out to a national park for the day which will make it challenging and fun for the whole family. Just make sure you follow some simple rules like wearing suitable footwear, taking water, sunscreen and your mobile phone for support if needed.

Running is another great option for families and a great habit to start in the holidays. Start off slow, and for beginners try a combination of walking and jogging to get going. Set small goals and plan to progress to improve your performance. Running will improve your fitness, lift your mood, and is great fun for kids and parents. Just remember to wear good running shoes, stay hydrated and run at the coolest times of the day in summer, avoiding extreme heat.

The beach is a family favourite holiday spot in summer and the perfect place to add some extra activities. Simply adding a good paced walk along the beach in the morning or evening is an easy addition to the family holiday with health benefits for everyone.

Beach cricket is easy to adapt to all skill levels and heaps of fun. Just make sure the beach is quiet so early mornings and evenings provide the best time to avoid impacting other beach goers. Rules can be flexible, focus on fun, and it provides a great opportunity for everyone to get involved.

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Summer activity guidelines: 1.   Hydration is key for summer fitness activities. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after activities that make you sweat.
2.   Appropriate footwear is crucial if you will be out walking or running. It’s vital for kids and teenagers to wear the right shoes as they are still growing and need the right support for developing bones and muscles.
3.   Avoid the heat of the day if you will be out doing vigorous activities. Schedule these for earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon/evening when the temperatures have reduced.
4.   HAVE FUN! Try something new, laugh a lot and enjoy your holidays.

You need to prioritize your new activities and focus on fun.