Leadership and Success

Great leadership often requires personal sacrifice. The ability to put others needs ahead of our own is admirable, but it’s important to keep things in perspective when it comes to our health. We can never take our health and wellbeing for granted, and striving for physical performance goals enhances our drive for achieving excellence in our lives.

Peak performance in any field requires focus, commitment and planning. In all realms of our lives these key factors will be the foundation for success. In our professional lives we often make the mistake of thinking we need to put other aspects of life on hold to achieve success. Putting all of our energy into that single goal might seem like a good idea to fast track our progress, but unfortunately the reality rarely matches the ideal.

Finding the right balance in our lives between our professional and personal goals is paramount to success. Our health is the one common denominator, because without it we cannot get the most out of life. Good health requires a focus on exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental wellbeing. When we are healthy it allows us to achieve success in all other aspects of life.

Everyone has their own definition of what success looks like for them, and often this will change over the years. However, the true definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” so it is fundamentally the realisation of your personal goals.

Unfortunately we often place too much emphasis on financial factors, which drives our desire for professional rewards and prioritising our career. Whilst financial freedom allows us certain choices in life, it doesn’t take the place of good health and strong relationships.

So if success is the achievement of an aim or purpose, the goals we set ourselves become particularly significant. We need to consider the balance between our professional and personal goals, ensuring that we are aiming to improve ourselves and reach our targets.

Focus is the first step. It’s where we identify our goals, both personally and professionally, and it helps us determine where our priorities are directed. It’s good to identify your big picture goals first, as this will allow you to formulate a plan so that you can drill down to more specifics and map out the steps to take. Acknowledging the compatibility of your professional and personal goals also allows you to dedicate time to both, as they are not mutually exclusive unless you allow them to be.

Commitment is the next link in the chain. Setting goals for anything is useless unless you are prepared to follow through and that’s where the real commitment comes into play. It’s about taking action continually to achieve your goals, not allowing anything insignificant to derail your plans. Real commitment won’t accept excuses, and even when something crops up to disrupt your week, it encourages you to simply reset and move forward.

Planning is the glue that produces the results and lets you take action. So whether your goal is to run your first 5km or a marathon, the planning gets your week sorted so that you can fit your training sessions in around work and family. Sometimes you will have to be amazing at juggling to keep all factors on track, but rest assured if you stick with it you will achieve your goals. Some weeks may require extra time at work, and you may miss a training session or two, but in the big picture that does not disrupt your run goal, it just means you have to make some small adjustments.

Real success comes with balance. You don’t have to be an athlete to lead a high performance life. The principles for success in any aspect of your life are based on the same key factors. So whatever you decide to achieve think about focus, commitment and planning. Follow these guidelines to forge your own path to success and there will be no limits to what you can achieve.