Fit After 40

We are all individuals. Be brave, be informed and be prepared for setbacks, they will happen, but keep striving forward toward your goals. Forget about what society expects of you, what do you expect from yourself? Women’s lives are busy, complicated, sometimes messy but always amazing! The role of women is an area that raises many questions and issues.  What I hope to provide you with is an insightful collection of information, feedback and stories that will make you laugh, sometimes cry, but generally let you know that you are not alone, we all have struggles and victories.

Focus on Health and Fitness

So whatever your circumstances, make sure you focus on your health and fitness because that plays a huge role in your overall success and happiness.  Over the years I have worked with so many women who struggle with achieving their own health goals because they are so busy looking after everyone else.  So no more excuses about being “too busy” your journey to health starts today!

3 Health Essentials

  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Family and friends

It’s all about being active and enjoying healthy food.  Making sure you get enough sleep and keep stress under control. Maintaining real relationships with those around you.  Keeping all of this in balance is a like walking a tightrope – BUT it is possible.  Most importantly you need to enjoy the journey………

Lost Your Mojo?

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