Fast Track to Success – Motion & Movement

How do you help your child succeed in sport?

Are their ways to speed up their development?

How can you fast track their progress?

Make sure you spend enough time getting the fundamentals right.

Every child develops and matures at their own pace.  Making sure your kids have a solid foundation will help them develop their skills and minimize their injury risk.  Genetics plays a large part in their development however we have the ability to enhance their athleticism throughout their development.

Movement fundamentals are essential for improvement in sports performance at any age.  Kids need to learn to run efficiently, catch, throw, jump and land properly which develops sound co-ordination and stability.

These key factors can be taught and developed from a young age.  Run, catch, throw and jump are the fundamental skills for the majority of sports and basic co-ordination.  This skills can and should be taught to toddlers, developing movement confidence from an early age.

The fundamentals create a solid foundation for future growth and performance.  They facilitate reaching performance potential and success in sport.  For example, if you have a talented junior tennis player that has amazing technique and ball striking ability but poor movement skills they will not achieve their full potential until their movement patterns are corrected.  Being able to move around the court effectively to hit their shots determines their win/loss ratio, having the best forehand or serve is never enough.

The 4 key fundamentals for juniors are:

  • Run technique
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Take-off and landing