Active kids are happier and healthier, enjoying the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of exercise and sport. They are motivated
Active Kids, Elite Athletes
Exam time is a major source of stress for teenagers. Even for the most committed and well prepared students exam
Student Wellbeing
We are currently seeing an alarming trend in kids sport. Too many children are being allowed or encouraged to focus
Active Kids, Elite Athletes, Running
Kids grow in their own time, with each individual body on it’s own clock, regardless of birthdays and chronological years
Active Kids
Our athlete development program and technique assessment helps you to maximise performance. Watch our video for more information.
Elite Athletes, Running
Trail running is rapidly growing in popularity as runners look for new adventures and variety in their running experience. That
Making big changes is hard, we all know that’s a fact! But what if you could make big changes to
Family Fitness

March 26, 2019

Why I Coach

Coaching for me is about inspiring others to be better and providing support and guidance to boost confidence. It doesn’t
A good run is really just an analogy for life. You set off with enthusiasm and excitement, looking forward to

February 14, 2019

Super Seniors

Getting old sucks!! I hear it every day, I feel it every day (never thought I would admit to that
Senior Fitness